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You are welcome to the “Buy Picture” rubric! Here you can see WORKS that are IN STOCK now. Even today you can become an owner of the picture you liked. Being in touch with me, you can get to know about new products in advance.

Contact me using contact information, and you will find out about the PRICES of these pictures.

Along with the portrait genre expansion I also work in such genres as flowers view, cityscape and seascape, still-life painting. Pictures that you see now are in stock. They reflect the style of performance I use in the particular period of my oeuvre. In the “Gallery (archive)” rubric, by the example of pictures I created before, you will see the style of performance typical for me in prior years. So, I hope that presented pictures will spark some interest and will strike home to you.

Please contact me to order the picture you like. Together we will discuss terms of payment and conditions of delivery. The delivery will be performed within the shortest possible time.

Sincerely Yours,                                                                                                                 Andrei Mironenko – Your Artist.