“Dry brush portrait”


Dear visitor,

Do you want to get the portrait of yourself or to make present for some special person? You are in the right place! You can order the portrait from Kiev, or from any other region. Together we will find the acceptable way of payment and delivery of your portrait.

Prices of portraits performed using the “dry brush” technique (no frame):

Chest-high portrait – 1 pers. (black-and-white)              - 35х50 cm  = equal to EUR 80 Chest-high portrait – 1 pers. (full-color)   – dimensions – 35х50 cm = equal to EUR 100 Chest-high portrait – 1 pers. (black-and-white)            – 43х60 cm = equal to EUR 120 Chest-high portrait – 1 pers. (full-color)   – dimensions – 43х60 cm = equal to EUR 150 Chest-high / half-figure portrait                                    – 50х70 cm = equal to EUR 160-190 1-2 pers. (black-and-white)                                                                                                          Chest-high / half-figure portrait           – dimensions – 50х70 cm = equal to EUR 200-230 1-2 pers. (full-color)

Please, note that all the above-mentioned prices are basic ones. I believe that every portrait is individual in its own way. Contact me, and you will find out about the precise price of your portrait.

What you need to order a portrait is the photo of man the portrait of which you’d like to order. Good quality photo – printed on the paper – , or the digital image that you can send to my e-mail address would be an asset. On this web-page you can see the variants of the portraits drawn by me using the “dry brush” technique (oil-paint/water color paper). The portrait drawn in this manner is always a worthy present and an interior adornment, thanks to the specifics of this technique and to my skills. You can order black-and-white portrait or full-color portrait. Every portrait gets its own merits and will give you and your loved one’s really esthetic pleasure. There are a lot of portrait’s variants – single portrait, child’s portrait, family portrait, wedding portrait, indoor scene portrait, full-dress portrait, genre portrait, etc. Each portrait is individual and significant in its own way. Contact me and together we will discuss all the nuances and details. In my turn, I will do my best to make your ideas come true.

Depending on the portrait’s complexity it takes me 3 to 7 days to finish it. For example, one-man portrait with the neutral background takes me very much less time than full-dress portrait or indoor scene portrait. I will appreciate if you tell me your ideas in advance.

Sincerely Yours,                                                                                                                 Andrei Mironenko – Your Artist.