Dear visitor,

My name’s Andrei Mironenko. I gladly introduce this web-site to you. Here you can check out some major directions of my oeuvre, learn about new artworks and observe some previously drawn pictures. Of course, by means of direct contact, you can order a portrait or buy a picture you took fancy of.

On the “Buy Picture” page you can see pictures that are in stock. After choosing the picture you liked, you can buy it by contacting me in advance.

Before ordering the portrait on the “Dry brush portrait page (oil/paper – the graphical execution technique) and on the “Pictorial art portrait page (oil/canvas – the pictorial art execution technique), you can check out some specimens of the already-drawn portraits, find out all basic prices and dimensions, choose the execution technique and then tell me your ideas about the future portrait.

On the Video page you can have a look at some video clips containing representation of the specific picture execution phases.

On the “Gallery (archive)” page there are previously drawn pictures that have been already sold.

The “Replicas” page shows you some drawn by me replicas of the well-known pictures.

Using the “Contacts” page you can find information to contact me in person, to order a portrait or a picture, to get the whole information about the issues you are interested in.

This web-site is regularly updated. When you visit it next time, you will see some new pictures and new portraits. You will also be able to review the style I take my inspiration from at that particular period of my work.

Sincerely Yours,                                                                                                                 Andrei Mironenko – Your Artist.